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Part No BDPBKM20
SKU 160077
Brand Bargreen Ellingson
Quantity per Unit 5000
Weight 35.0000
Color Black
Material Plastic
Length 5000 ft
Width 20 in
Bargreen Ellingson

Securi Wrap, Opaque Black, Plastic, 80 Gauge - 20" x 5,000'

Special Stock: This product may only be available in certain locations. Please check store availability before making your purchase.
Opaque black and white stretch film is available in hand and machine rolls. Distributors and users have reported significant reductions in losses due to pilferage by using SecuriWrap. SecuriWrap is a highly successful way to deter tampering with your shipments.

- Plastic; opaque black
- 80 Gauge
- Length 5,000 ft
- Width 20 in
- Sold per roll

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