Who We Are

With a design department to aid in the flow and throughput of a culinary operation and a territory salesforce to ensure that our customers have what they need daily to serve their patrons, we engage in both the front and the back of the house. We partner with top-tier brands that aid in our effort to allow our customers to focus less on logistics of running a kitchen and more on what matters most: their customers.

What We Do

We are a team of more than 450 people across the company in many different roles and capacities. Ordering one case of glassware requires purchasing, receiving, picking, driving, and salespeople both inside and on the street to make it happen seamlessly. It takes a village to do what we do, and we strive to employ people who take immense pride and joy in serving those who serve others.

Why We Do It

Bargreen Ellingson exists to serve those who serve others, specifically in the hospitality industry. We engage with restaurants, both independent and chain, hotels, hospitals, caterers, and any other outfit looking to make their foodservice operation a touch above the ordinary. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed service to our customers, allowing them to focus on their passion of serving others.

Our History

Bargreen Ellingson was founded in 1960 as a partnership between the Bargreen and the Ellingson families. Byron Ellingson led the company for ten years before hiring his sons Paul and Rick to assist. Now under the leadership of the third generation of the Ellingson family, Bargreen has grown to service 9 states (and one province!) through 22 facilities and more than 450 employees. Bargreen has twice been named foodservice dealer of the year and is consistently ranked in the top 10 dealers by volume in the country.


Bargreen is Born

Samuel Bargreen founded Bargreen Coffee Company in Everett, WA. Sam built a new plant in 1910, where the company still roasts to this day.


Bargreen Grows

The Bargreen's establish foodservice locations in Seattle, Everett, Mount Vernon and Bellingham. In addition, open up a woodshop to support the post-Prohibition era boom in bars in the Northwest.


Byron Ellingson joins the Industry

Byron Ellingson joins Dohrmann Hotel Supply, beginning his career in the foodservice industry.


Byron Ellingson joins Bargreen

A year after the Bargreen’s open a store in Tacoma, which struggled to gain traction in the South Sound marketplace, Byron agrees to join the company.


Bargreen Ellingson is Founded

After a year of successful management, Bargreen Ellingson is founded. Sales that year were $500,000.


World Fair

The Bargreen family partners with B&E to work the New York World’s Fair.


Paul Ellingson joins Bargreen

Paul Ellingson, son of Byron, joins the company and the company moves to its Center Street location, home for the next 9 years. Paul is credited with jumpstarting the growth and drive of the company, employing tactics such as working the cookline or even threatening banks into extending credit to loyal customers, while always fulfilling his commitments. Early wins for Paul include the Ram and Consolidated Restaurants.
Sales: 1.2 Million | Employees: 8


Specialty Wood Manufacturing

Specialty Wood, the millwork fabrication partner of B&E, installs its first fixture.


Rick Ellingson joins Bargreen

Rick Ellingson, another son of Byron, joins the company. Rick is credited with building the structure to cope with Bargreen’s proceeding growth.
Sales: 2.2 Million | Employees: 22


Yakima Store Opens

The Yakima store is established.
Sales: 4.4 Million | Employees: 27


Bargreen Moves

Moved from Center Street to present-day headquarters at 6626 Tacoma Mall Blvd.


Spokane Store Opens

Bargreen Ellingson purchases REFCO in Spokane, WA from the Waddell family, marking the third B&E location.
Sales: 9.4 Million | Employees: 60


Bargreen Equipment Company

The Ellingson’s purchase Bargreen Equipment Company, which meant the one remaining Bargreen foodservice location in Seattle became Bargreen Ellingson.
Sales: 12.4 Million | Employees: 93


Dealer of the Year!

B&E is honored with Foodservice Equipment & Supply magazine’s coveted Dealer of the Year award.
Sales: 21.7 Million | Employees: 145


Portland Store Opens

1992 – The Portland store is opened.
Sales: 24.6 Million | Employees: 160


Bargreen acquires IFECO in Boise

IFECO in Boise is purchased.
Sales: 33.8 Million | Employees: 195


Bargreen acquires Oahu Restaurant Supply

Acquired Oahu Restaurant Supply.
Sales: 54 Million | Employees: 270


Vancouver Store Opened

Started Vancouver BC operation and moved into our present day Fife, WA distribution center.
Sales: 54.8 Million | Employees: 248


Bargreeen acquires Mountain View Restaurant Supply

Acquired Mountain View Restaurant Supply in Billings and Missoula.
Sales: 64 Million | Employees: 274


Bargreen acquires Columbia Restaurant Supply

Acquired Columbia Restaurant Supply in Pasco, WA.
Sales: 70.4 Million | Employees: 285


Bargreen Reaches $100M in Sales

Reached the $100 million mark and opened up the Ft Worth office to expand our national presence.
Sales: 103.6 Million | Employees: 333


Bend Store Opens

Opened store in Bend, OR.
Sales: 125.4 Million | Employees: 350


Bargreen adds 5 Branches

Opened our Denver, CO and Everett, WA offices and acquired American Restaurant Supply which added branches in Kauai, Kona, and Maui into the fold.
Sales: 150.3 Million | Employees: 431


Dealer of the Year!

Bargreen Ellingson is awarded its second Dealer of the Year honor from FE&S magazine; the first dealer to be awarded the honor twice.
Sales: 169.9 Million | Employees: 433


Anchorage Store Opens

Anchorage, AK branch is opened.
Sales: 158.5 Million | Employees: 416


Bargreen acquires Knapp Restaurant Supply

2014 – Casper, WY-based Knapp Restaurant Supply is acquired, adding the 9th state to B&E’s coverage.
Sales: 186.5 Million | Employees: 450

Our Culture

We have 9 values that guide our decision making from the boardroom to the warehouse. We call them our On Board values. We strive every day to live by them. They enable simple benchmarks for customer-driven action.

Career Opportunities

Hire Smart



Pursue Change



Learn, Learn, Learn

Use Good Judgement


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