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SKU 205216
Brand Bar Maid
Quantity per Unit 2
Weight 0.3330
Bar Maid

Bar Maid FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Traps - 2 strips

The FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Traps use a 2 part, food-based attractant to draw fruit flies into the trap where they are unable to escape. The Traps are disposable, recyclable and non toxic. Great for bars, restaurants and catered events. Each Trap lasts up to 30 days keeping the area free of fruit flies. The Trap contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Make sure there are no annoying pests around to ruin the ambiance of any restaurant or bar. Customers will certainly appreciate a fly free meal, use the FLY-BYE Fly Traps to assure that happens.

- Sold per pack; 2 per pack

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