The World Tableware 18/8 International Balencia pattern is a complete collection of foodservice quality flatware and the perfect choice for any establishment seeking a traditional look in a fine dining setting. Each utensil is crafted out of AISI Type 304 stainless steel, this high polished pattern will add style and class to any tabletop. This pattern features clean lines adding a modern yet organic touch. Balencia is extremely unique due to its design. The shoulder of the forks and spoons are designed to keep the head of the fork and the bowl of the spoon off of the table surface, putting a little bit of distance from what touches your food and what rests on your table. The perfectly balanced dinner knife stands up, commanding attention, and also keeps the blade from touching the table surface. Balencia 'hovers' with its dynamic style and adds delight to any table setting. For more assistance selecting restaurant supplies or for prices, call us at 1-866-722-2665 or send us an email at

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