Test Kitchens

Test Kitchens

Bargreen Ellingson's Test Kitchens & Event Centers are kitchens that allow our customers to expierience the latest in foodservice equipment. We want to ensure you have the perfect piece of equipment in your kitchen and to make certain it performs the way you intended it to the first time. We realize it can be difficult to select a piece of equipment sight unseen or conduct new menu changes or even retrain staff while your business is in operation.

The Test Kitchens allow operators to fully test an array of equipment and allow you to make direct comparisons with live working equipment. Our cook lines are fully reconfigurable, allowing a complete working configuration of equipment in a manner similar to your actual kitchen. Whether you're looking at new equipment or you'd just like to develop new menu items, train staff or use the facilities for fun, the Test Kitchens offer a unique way to make that happen.

Bargreen Ellingson Test Kitchens are located in our Tacoma, Seattle and Portland locations. Each Test Kitchen facility is truly unique from one another. Our Seattle location offers stadium style seating while our Tacoma and Portland locations offer fully functioning bars and flexible areas that can be setup in banquet, theater or classroom style seating. The Test Kitchens in our Tacoma, Seattle, and Portland locations are equipped with a dishwashing and prep area. Our Portland location even showcases the latest in energy efficient methods so operators can see just how they too can save money in their own operations.

If you're looking to conduct a meeting in one of our facilities, the Test Kitchens are perfect for it as we offer full presentation capabilities including comprehensive video and audio service. Bargreen Ellingson Test Kitchens are also capable of netcasts should your event require those as well.

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